Alicia-Miltrix Songbook

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Features four great melodic themes by Milton Marsh: (1) Happy Moments, a jazz waltz which was the first copyrighted song by the Composer; (2) Day Dreams, an exciting Bossa Nova: (3) Smiles (piano arrangement), a ballad which has been recorded on Alicia-Miltrix Records; and (4) A Mellow Feeling, a moderate swing temp tune that is good pure music.
All of these compositions can be arranged in unison for small and large ensembles. The music is in concert key. Appropriate harmonies and background music may be added at the Band Director’s discretion. This particular musical piece is suitable for many musical occasions.



Milton Marsh – Conductor and Alto Saxophone
David Eure – Violin
Melvin Simms – Violin
Michael Ireland – Viola
Betty Hil!mon – Cell
Richard Johnson – Piano
Brian McCree – Bass├é┬áViolin
Jazz Sawyer – Drums
Andrew Jones – Violin
Mona Roberts – Viola
Milton Ward – Trumpet
John Licata – Trombone
Gene Adler – Piano
Keith Gibson – Drums
Judy Kaufman – Flute

Paul Schlossman – Oboe
Bruno Eberspacher – Bassoon
Andrew Stiller – Clarinet
Beye Fyle – French Horn
Robert Perkins – Drums
Syd Smart – Percussion
Bill Cody – Tenor Saxophone
Reynold Scott – Baritone Saxophone
Sinclair Acey – Trumpet
Kamal Abdul-Alim – Trumpet
Charles Stevens – Trombone
Cedric Lawson – Piano
Greg Bandy – Drums
Donald Pate – Bass Violin
Jessica Gill – Harp